Sensors and substrates

Ssens supplies a broad range of ready-to-use, metalized and/or chemical functionalized sensors and substrates for different applications including Surface Plasmon Resonance, Atomic Force Microscopy and Reflection Infra-Red.

The substrates typically consists of glass or mica as the carrier that is metalized and/or chemically functionalized. For the listed sensors and substrates the metal is mainly gold but on request this can be another metal or conducting layer such as Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO).

Typical examples of chemical functional groups that can be introduced on the sensors and substrates are amine and carboxylic acid groups, but in principle can be any functional group one would like. The chemical functionality can be applied in a more or less 2 dimensional planar layer (the P-type surfaces) or in a 3 dimensional 'gel-like' layer (the G-type surfaces).

Our substrates and sensors are supplied in different sizes and can also be supplied with custom specified sizes.

In the case that the substrate or sensor that you're looking for is not listed, feel free to contact us with your request!