Gold Coated Substrates

Ssens provides you with the best quality gold coated substrates that are available. By using a titanium intermediate layer very strong adherence of the gold to the substrate is obtained without having diffusional problems that are encountered with chromium as adhesion layer. (For good annealable substrates see AFM Substrates page.) By experience we have optimized our evaporation conditions in such a way that very smooth (Rrms < 1nm on a 1 micron scale) gold layers are obtained.

Standard gold coatings are 20 nm thick (being semi-transparent), SPR-gold (see also Sensors and Probes) and 200 nm thick layers (optically closed). Furthermore, we supply gold coated substrates that are especially suited for optical microscopy. These substrates have a uniform (3%) transparency between 35-45% transparency for light of a wavelength in the 'visible' range (400 - 800 nm).