Reflection-IR Substrates

The table below gives an overview of our stocked items and can also be used for ordering. To do so please fill in the desired quantity and click the 'To Order Form' button to be transferred to the ordering page of our web-site.
Important Notice: We had to update our item nummers. New and old item numbers will be shown together on the site for some time.

New Item no: # of pkg Old Item no: Substr. Size Gold layer
#/pkg Price/
1-01-02-000 11-2-00 Glass 76x26x1 mm 200 5 € 167.00
1-02-02-000 12-2-00 Glass 10x10x1 mm 200 16 € 130.00
1-04-02-000 14-2-00 Glass Disc, 1 inch 200 10 € 125.00
3-02-02-000 32-2-00 Silicon Chips, 10x10 mm 200 25 € 178.00
3-05-02-000 35-2-00 Silicon Wafer, 100 mm 200 2 € 242.00

In case you prefer a different substrate and or metal coating, please specify your requirements and we will be happy to meet them! All substrates can be supplied with a variety of chemical functional coatings (see our introductionary products page)