In modern life and life sciences, biological surfaces meet artificial surfaces on many different 'occasions' including diagnostics, proteomics, genomics, medical devices, artificial organs, tissue engineering and drug delivery. It is this interface where Ssens finds its essence of business: being in charge of surface chemistry. Let Ssens be in charge of your surfaces and experience that some things in life can be very easy!

At Ssens we claim that we can modify any kind of surface (including polymers, metals, glass and other ceramics) with any kind of surface chemistry. This surface chemistry may vary from a specific chemical group, to be used in immobilization chemistry, to the creation of 'smart' surfaces that have a selective interaction with their biological environment and/or release drugs at a defined rate.

Ssens concentrates its business around 3 topics: surface modification, ready-to-use substrates and sensors, and polymers for surface modification. To learn more about these topics, please make your selection in the navigator bar above.